Daddy Boot Camp 101!

We are so excited to offer this class to families in the community! If you want to learn the do’s and dont’s of the labor process from an experienced dad, or if you just want to learn ways to enjoy the process with your partner, then this is the class for you! The instructor goes […]

daddy boot camp

birth tub rentals

Birth Tub Rentals

Why choose a waterbirth? What are the benefits of baby’s transition from water to water? What are the benefits for mom? Promotes deeper relaxation and minimizes pain and discomforts of labor. When a woman is relaxed her hormones kick in and she starts progressing faster and with more rhythm, which in turn makes the labor more […]

Midwifery Care

Natural BirthWorks is the first free-standing birth center in Broward county! The birth center offers women a beautiful, natural birth in an enviornment close to home. Our midwives see their clients for all of their maternity needs, sick visits, and emergencies and are there for you if you are seeking a more personalized pregnancy and birth experience. […]


lactation consultant

Lactation Services

Breastfeeding Services Please Note:  Must call for availability and scheduling on all breastfeeding services.   -In Home Lactation Consultation: $175 (Miramar & as far North as Coral Springs) -In office Lactation Consultation: $160 -No time limit for consult -Includes a complete maternal & infant health history -Physical assessment of the mother’s breast and the infant’s […]

Holistic Well Women GYN Care

Our integrative and holistic approach emphasizes the importance of active involvement in ones’s healthcare, access to information, a healthy lifestyle, and the benefits of natural remedies. When necessary or preferable, allopathic treatments are employed as a tool to break a vicious cycle and to enable a person to make healthy lifestyle choices. We offer a […]




Labor doula: A doula is an important support mechanism for a woman during labor & birth. A doula will be there early on during labor if the laboring woman requests her to be. A doula can provide support while a woman labors at home before deciding to go to the hospital or birth center as […]

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

Prenatal Massage 1 hour $95 1 1/2 hour $135 Prenatal Massage has amazing benefits to both mother and baby during pregnancy.  Massage during pregnancy can help to relieve moms discomforts from the physical, emotional and hormonal changes she is constantly going through.  We must remember mom isn’t the only one going through these constant changes, your baby is growing and changing at a tremendous rate […]



Meet ups!

Natural BirthWorks is a holistic community and we encourage families with similar views to meet up and support eachother! We have several meet ups and support groups at our sanctuary: Breastfeeding support group Mindful Mamas meet up Babywearing support group

Cloth Diaper Workshops

Do you have a strong desire to put only natural fibers on your baby’s bum? Do you want to help keep our environment clean from unnecessary waste like diapers? Not only are cloth diapers good for your baby but they’re good for the earth. However, this day and age it isn’t always easy! Join us […]

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Sacred Blessings (Binding, Yoni Steams, Mayan Massages)

The Sacred Art of Belly Binding $100 The wrapping of mamas belly is an effective aid in the recovery of the body after delivery. The belly wrap is an important 360 degree supportive tool, which maintains pressure to the torso and abdomen that no mama should be without. All of the core is supported aiding […]

Childbirth Classes

Natural BirthWorks offers an array of childbirth classes ranging from a complete series touching on many topics, a more spiritual journey, and even Hypnobirthing. We are excited to offer Childbirth classes to everyone! We will have classes for women in our community in either English or Spanish, and if you live far? No worries, we […]



Babywearing Classes

Come and join in on the adventurous movement of babywearing and allow yourself to take your baby wear no stroller has gone before! Babywearing is the ancient practice of wearing (or carrying) a baby in a sling, wrap, or in other form. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world. It has recently gained additional popularity […]

Natural Baby Boutique

Natural BirthWorks loves everything Natural! We have teamed up with a few Moms and Families in the community to provide an array of natural products for you. Our boutique will offer: Cloth Diapers, Herbal Baths, Herbal Pads, Teething necklaces, Essential oils, Sugar and Oats Vegan Soaps and more… Welcome to Sugar and Oats where for […]


placenta pills

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation Full Placenta Encapsulation This service includes a prenatal phone consult, picking up your placenta, encapsulation, informational packet, and delivery of placenta capsules. You can expect to recieve between 100-300 capsules from your placenta. Learn more about the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Pricing – $200 (depending on location, price varies) Placenta Smoothie Choice of […]