Prenatal Care for Hospital Delivery

Prenatal Care for Hospital Birth clients:

Natural BirthWorks also provides prenatal care for clients who plan on delivering at a hospital but choose to receive their prenatal care from our Midwives. Natural BirthWorks has no affiliation with any hospitals and, unless otherwise organized outside of NBW by yourself and your OB, your transfer to the hospital is done on your own.

NBW will provide you with:

-Personalized, extensive prenatal visits
-All routine lab work and one ultrasound
-From < 28 weeks, your midwife will see you every 4 weeks, unless otherwise needed
-From 28 to 36 weeks, your midwife will start seeing you every 2 weeks
-Childbirth Classes*
-2 postpartum visits if possible for moms up to 6 weeks
-Postpartum herbal bag*

NBW will provide your prenatal care from your initial until the onset of labor. You will receive a copy of all of your medical records at 37wks so you can take it with you to the hospital of your choice.

Pricing: $2000 (we are contracted with certain Medicaid plans)

*not included with Medicaid