Natural Baby Boutique

Natural BirthWorks loves everything Natural! We have teamed up with a few Moms and Families in the community to provide an array of natural products for you. Our boutique will offer:

Cloth Diapers,
Herbal Baths,
Herbal Pads,
Teething necklaces,
Essential oils,
Sugar and Oats Vegan Soaps
and more…

Welcome to Sugar and Oats where for years we’ve manufactured handcrafted vegan, chemical free, synthetic fragrance free and cruelty free soaps for you and your entire family. We have the pleasure of manufacturing my skin care line from naturally occurring resources from the earth and organic products. Years ago, we started looking on the labels on the foods we consume and even the soaps and creams we put on my little ones. Skin being the largest organ on the human body and it’s absorption capabilities, we took notice of all the chemicals and toxins we were using daily and absorbing into our skin! We decided this had to change. Sugar and Oats develops recipes from scratch using the simple assortment of natural and organic healthy ingredients. At Sugar and Oats we stride to provide you with most superior products for your skin!