Spinning Babies Workshop

November 21, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Natural BirthWorks
954 960 3213
Spinning Babies Workshop

This workshop is for doulas, nurses, midwives and childbirth educators. Content is not highly technical, but does require the basic knowledge of stages of labor, fetal positions and having attended a few births. The brand new doula will find it rather overwhelming.

Explore the effects and prevention of occiput posterior presentation

Add comfort and prepare for labor during pregnancy -with a live model

Reduce or prevent long labors during labor with the three levels of the pelvis

Explain why patience may not always be the best natural birth solution;

Identify when and why a cesarean is necessary for malposition

Use the Mexican rebozo (scarf) to release a tight broad ligament;

Get out of your chair and try spinning techniques for

o latent phase

o active phase

o 2nd stage

Identify fetal position without hands-on palpation (touch) and within the doula scope of practice with Belly Mapping as seen in the 2004 International Doula Magazine. (For tips on palpation, see 2011 Winter Midwifery Today)
Cost: $225
send email to 1naturalbirthworks@gmail.com to register