Babywearing 101

August 19, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Natural BirthWorks
Natural BirthWorks

Know you want to wear your baby (or toddler, or preschooler) but unsure which carrier would be best for you?
Prefer not to carry your baby in the heavy car seat?
Planning an outing where a stroller is not convenient?
Just want to have two hands free to get some housework done?
With so many carriers on the market….how do I choose what’s right for me?

This class is for those who have little to no babywearing knowledge, and would like an up close and personal environment in which to discover and understand the different types and workings of carriers, as well as learn how to use each of them safely. The carriers used in the class will include ring slings, woven wraps, stretchy wraps, mei tais, and soft-structured carriers. We will cover which type is best for different ages and stages, learn the pros and cons of each type of carrier, and see how each one is put on from start to finish. You will also learn where you can get each type of carrier, and why big box stores are not always the best option for buying a carrier.

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and informed with all of your options, and to make the best decision for your family.
The class ends with a question and answer session as well as hands on “get up and feel/try on/play” with various types of carriers so you leave with a better understanding of which carrier will suit your family best.

The class will be taught by Martha Lerner of zenmamalove.
Cost: $30 for individuals, $40 for couple.

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