Prenatal Care for Hospital Delivery

Prenatal Care for Hospital Birth clients:

Natural BirthWorks also provides prenatal care for clients who plan on delivering at a hospital but choose to receive their prenatal care from our Midwives. Natural BirthWorks has no affiliation with any hospitals and, unless otherwise organized outside of NBW by yourself and your OB, your transfer to the hospital is done on your own.

NBW will provide you with:

-Personalized, extensive prenatal visits
-All routine lab work and one ultrasound
-From < 28 weeks, your midwife will see you every 4 weeks, unless otherwise needed
-From 28 to 36 weeks, your midwife will start seeing you every 2 weeks
-Childbirth Classes
-2 postpartum visits if possible for moms up to 6 weeks
-Postpartum herbal bag

NBW will provide your prenatal care from your initial until the onset of labor. You will receive a copy of all of your medical records at 37wks so you can take it with you to the hospital of your choice.

Pricing: $2000 (we take Medicaid and work with private insurance)


Birth Tub Rentals

birth tub rentals

Why choose a waterbirth? What are the benefits of baby’s transition from water to water? What are the benefits for mom?

  • Promotes deeper relaxation and minimizes pain and discomforts of labor. When a woman is relaxed her hormones kick in and she starts progressing faster and with more rhythm, which in turn makes the labor more efficient
  • Warm water relaxes the muscles, which will relax the pelvic floor muscles
  • The relaxation and pain relief felt when submerged in the warm water can be more effective and definitely more safer than an epidural
  • Reduces the chance of an episiotomy, as the water softens the tissues surrounding the perineum, making them more pliable and able to stretch
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Gentle welcome for baby

We our proud to offer birth tub rentals for women wanting to experience the joys of a waterbirth. We cater to women seeking a waterbirth at either their home or hospitals. Below are a list of different options and packages. Feel free to call with any questions. Happy Birthing!


Simple Birth Tub Package


  • Birth tub
  • Protective liner
  • Set up and clean up instructions (we will inflate tub and break down tub, you are required to fill, remove water and liner)
  • Pool cover to maintain heat
  • Universal hose adapter
  • Submersible pump to easily empty water from birth pool
  • Pick up within 24hrs after delivery

*Please note: Hose must be purchased to fill tub. If you would like a hose from us it is an extra $40.


Birth Tub & More Package


  • Birth tub
  • Protective liner
  • Set up and clean up instructions (we will inflate tub and break down tub, you are required to fill, remove water and liner)
  • Pool cover to maintain heat
  • Hose
  • Universal hose adapter
  • Birthing Ball
  • Labor Loop
  • Submersible pump to easily empty water from birth pool
  • Pick up within 24hrs after delivery



When will I receive the tub?

*Tub will be delivered to your chosen place to birth (hospital,home, birth center) no earlier than your 37th week when early labor begins.


When do I have to pay?

*All payments must be made in full prior to tub delivery.


What if I fill the tub but labor stops and the water is not used?

*It is not recommended to fill or get into the tub until active labor begins. Water that is put into the tub must be used the same day to prevent any growth of bacteria. If not tub can be emptied and refilled when you are ready to use it.


How do I keep the water hot?

*It’s good to keep adding hot water either by hose or by keeping some pots simmering on the stove (for those doing homebirths).



Labor doula:

A doula is an important support mechanism for a woman during labor & birth. A doula will be there early on during labor if the laboring woman requests her to be. A doula can provide support while a woman labors at home before deciding to go to the hospital or birth center as well. A doula will be able to tell you if this is “real labor” or not and make suggestions as when to transition to the place of birth. As labor progresses she will provide comfort techniques such as massage, aromatherapy and a comforting/reassuring voice. The doula will aid in the involvement of the father as well. She will also stay for a few hours after birth to assist in the baby’s first latch and make sure mom and baby are well adjusted before she leaves. Our doulas provide women with 1 prenatal visits and 1 postpartum visit, in addition to your labor support.

Labor Doula:

11-50 births Junior Doula $850

51+ births Senior Doula $1200

* We also provide an on-call doula for $500 for those who decide they’d like a doula last minute. The 1 prenatal visit and 1 postpartum visit is not included.

Postpartum doula:

A postpartum doula is hired to assist the family with the arrival of their new baby. The doula will ensure that mom is eating and drinking plenty and will assist is diaper changes & baths for baby as well. A postpartum doula can be requested during the day or night hours.

The role of a postpartum doula is to help a woman through her postpartum period and to nurture the family. Unlike a baby nurse, a doula’s focus is not solely on the baby, but on fostering independence for the entire family. The doula is there for the father, older children and always the mother and baby, treating the family as a unit that is connected and always changing.

The goal of a doula is to nurture the parents into their new roles. As they experience success and their knowledge and self-confidence grow, their needs for professional support should diminish.

Postpartum Doula: $35 per hour

Effects on Birth Outcomes with a doula in attendance:

Labors are 25% shorter.¹
There are fewer complications.
Cesarean rates are reduced by 50%.¹
There is 40% less need for oxytocin to speed up labor.¹
Need for forceps is reduced by 40%.¹
Women request 30% less pain medication and 60% fewer epidurals.¹
Effects on the Mother with a doula in attendance:

Greater satisfaction with their birth experience.
More positive assessments of their babies.
Less postpartum depression.
Effects on the Baby with a doula in attendance:

Babies have shorter hospital stays with fewer admissions to special care nurseries.
Babies breastfeed more easily.
Mothers are more affectionate to their babies postpartum.
Effects doulas have on the Health Care System:

The cost of obstetrical care is dramatically reduced.
Women are pleased with the personalized care doulas offer.
The Benefit of continuous support in labor is recognized by:
The World Health Organization
The Medical Leadership Council (an organization of over 1200 U.S. hospitals)
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada
Find a great article on doulas below.

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage


Prenatal Massage

1 hour $95

1 1/2 hour $135

Prenatal Massage has amazing benefits to both mother and baby during pregnancy.  Massage during pregnancy can help to relieve moms discomforts from the physical, emotional and hormonal changes she is constantly going through.  We must remember mom isn’t the only one going through these constant changes, your baby is growing and changing at a tremendous rate as well! 

Prenatal massage naturally stimulates the release of endorphin’s for relaxation,these endorphin’s cross the placenta allowing for the baby to receive the same relaxation as its mom.  Essentially the prenatal massage intended to help mom is positively effecting the baby as well.  Your baby feels what you feel from anxiety, stress and tension, give them the advantage of a warm and loving environment both before and after birth!

Postnatal Massage

1 hour $95

1 1/2 hour $135

The postpartum period is a important time for the mother to remember that honoring herself encourages quicker healing, and better mental state. Postpartum massage not only promote relaxation but also increases flexibility of muscles and the tense nerves. This can help with mother’s milk production and induce good sleep. Enjoy a postpartum massage and reduce your stress hormone, and reduce fluid retention.