Midwifery Care


Natural BirthWorks is the first free-standing birth center in Broward county! The birth center offers women a beautiful, natural birth in an enviornment close to home. Our midwives see their clients for all of their maternity needs, sick visits, and emergencies and are there for you if you are seeking a more personalized pregnancy and birth experience.

Why a midwife? Because Midwives follow the Midwifery Model of Care.

Midwives Model of Care™ Is Woman-Centered
The Midwives Model of Care™ is a fundamentally different approach to pregnancy and childbirth than contemporary obstetrics. Midwifery care is uniquely nurturing, hands-on care before, during, and after birth. Midwives are health care professionals specializing in pregnancy and childbirth who develop a trusting relationship with their clients, which results in confident, supported labor and birth. While there are different types of midwives practicing in various settings, all midwives are trained to provide comprehensive prenatal care and education, guide labor and birth, address complications, and care for newborns. The Midwives Model of Care™ is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life events. The Midwives Model of Care includes:

  • monitoring the physical, psychological and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle
  • providing the mother with individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support
  • minimizing technological interventions and
    identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention.
  • The application of this model has been proven to reduce to incidence of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section.

(Midwives Model of Care definition is Copyrighted © by the Midwifery Task Force, all rights reserved) From the MANA website.

Lactation Services

lactation consultant

Breastfeeding Services

Please Note: 
Must call for availability and scheduling on all breastfeeding services.

-In Home Lactation Consultation: $175 (Miramar & as far North as Coral Springs)

-In office Lactation Consultation: $160

-No time limit for consult
-Includes a complete maternal & infant health history
-Physical assessment of the mother’s breast and the infant’s mouth
-Weight check for the infant if needed, that would include pre-and post-feeding weight
-Hands on or off guidance & support throughout feedings during the consult
-Breast pumps & pumping if going back to work
-Breastfeeding plan designed based upon the consult
-Follow up call at 24 hours and 3 days following our consult
-Follow up visit (only if needed for weight or supply issues) no extra charge.

-Virtual Lactation Consultation:  $75

-Here is what you need:
-Skype installed on your computer
-a webcam
-call to schedule a minimum of 24 hours before
-fill out the client information form sent to you when you schedule an appt and email back before the consult   -Include your Skype name in the confirmation email  so I can call you at our scheduled consult time -Please position your webcam so that I can watch you and your baby nurse
Not familiar with Skype? It is a free service that allows you to make video calls. It’s free to download. Here is the link, if you need to download it: Skype.

-Breastfeeding 101 & Baby Care $40

A class designed to help you prepare for breastfeeding
-What are the advantages of breastfeeding
-How to prepare for breastfeeding
-Getting started the right way
-Positions and correct latch
-Overcoming obstacles
-When to call a Lactation Consultant
-The first 6 weeks

Pumping 101 $35 

A class for woman going back to work and need help preparing breast milk.
Topics include:
-How to choose the right pump for you,
-what to know before you purchase,
-when to start pumping to go back to work,
-how to pump, how to store milk, how to prepare, and thaw out breast milk
-how to figure out a schedule right for you


An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. An IBCLC is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners®, Inc.

Holistic Well Women GYN Care

wellwomen1a Our integrative and holistic approach emphasizes the importance of active involvement in ones’s healthcare, access to information, a healthy lifestyle, and the benefits of natural remedies. When necessary or preferable, allopathic treatments are employed as a tool to break a vicious cycle and to enable a person to make healthy lifestyle choices.
We offer a full range of woman’s health services, ranging from well-woman screening and annual screening to diagnosis and treatment of specific problems.

GYN annual exam:

Pelvic Health
Pap and Cervical Health
Stress Incontinence
Soft tissue irritations or infections
Breast Health: exam, education and referrals
Hormone assessment
Cardio, Skeletal and Metabolic screening
Mental health screening
Diagnostic tests and referrals to specialists as needed


Family Planning & Contraception:

Fertility Screening, counsel and treatment
Femcap, Diaphragm
Intrauterine Device (IUD) Mirena and Parguard
Oral Contraceptives
Natural Famaily Planning Methods


Hormone Harmony:

Irregular Menses
Spotting: Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome
Hirsutism, Weight, acne, hairloss
Perimenopause and Menopause
Bodeket and Rabbinical Consultant
Infertility screening


Remedies and Treatment:

Integrative treatment utilizing holistic, natural and allopathic
Infections, Diagnosis and Treatment
Cervical Dysplasia and HPV including Escharotic treatment
Genital Irritations, Yeast, BV Vaginitis, Cervicitis
STD screening and treatment
Urinary Tract infections
Respiratory infections
Initial visit: $150
Follow up: $100

Cloth Diaper Workshops

birth center
Do you have a strong desire to put only natural fibers on your baby’s bum? Do you want to help keep our environment clean from unnecessary waste like diapers?
Not only are cloth diapers good for your baby but they’re good for the earth. However, this day and age it isn’t always easy! Join us once a month for our cloth diaper informative workshop and learn about cloth diaper service so you don’t have to deal with the mess!

Sacred Blessings (Binding, Yoni Steams, Mayan Massages)

The Sacred Art of Belly Binding


The wrapping of mamas belly is an effective aid in the recovery of the body after delivery. The belly wrap is an important 360 degree supportive tool, which maintains pressure to the torso and abdomen that no mama should be without.

All of the core is supported aiding in the re-positioning of the vital organs, maintaining the stability of the loosened ligaments, holding the abdominal wall in a way that allows for strengthening and preventing diastasis, as well as, improving posture and alignment through the spine and pelvis.

The wrapping of mamas belly helps the postpartum mama feel supported through her transition back into her pre-pregnancy body. It will help to reduce any discomfort or straining while carrying or lifting her baby. It will provide the back with support that mama didn’t realize she needed during breastfeeding her baby helping to reduce the slumped over or slouching posture.

Many women continue to wrap themselves for years after delivery it is not only beneficial to the support and recovery of a postpartum mama but it feels great too!

*includes Batik wrap

Check out this great article on the benefits of binding http://opetchildbirthservices.com/blog/pulling-it-together-the-history-of-belly-binding-as-a-postpartum-ritual

Yoni Steams


Yoni Herbal Vaginal Steam is beneficial for many reasons, the steam and variations of herbs allow the uterus to better empty itself promoting a healthier uterine lining.  Some recommendations for Steaming are;

  • Postpartum healing
  • Infertility
  • Fibroids
  • Irregular periods
  • Bladder/vaginal infections
  • Menopause
  • And more…

Mayan Massage/Hot Stone Herbal Abdominal Press


Hot Stone Herbal Abdominal Press and the Mayan Abdominal Massage are both abdominal massage methods used with the intent to help with flow and energy to the sacred abdominal area.  Some recommendations for either of these methods are;

  • Postpartum Healing
  • Infertility
  • Fibroids
  • Irregular periods
  • And more…



  1. What is the suggested recommendations for postpartum care?
  • Belly Binding: there is a 1 time instruction for self binding and this includes the wrap
  • Hot Stone Herbal Abdominal Press it is recommended to do 2 times a week for 4 weeks
  • Yoni Herbal Vaginal Steam with either the Hot Stone Abdominal Press or Mayan Abdominal Massage and the Bengkung Belly Bind, Between days 1 to 9 postpartum repeat 3 times the following treatments, start with the abdominal method of choice followed by the Vaginal Steam finishing with a belly bind.

   2. Why would the sacred blessings be recommended?

*For infertility, fibroids, irregular periods, etc. There are variations for the suggested sessions and combinations involved. Please feel free to contact us for further info.

Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes1a
Natural BirthWorks offers an array of childbirth classes ranging from a complete series touching on many topics, a more spiritual journey, and even Hypnobirthing. We are excited to offer Childbirth classes to everyone! We will have classes for women in our community in either English or Spanish, and if you live far? No worries, we have an online childbirth class series as well.

Childbirth Class Series

Our childbirth classes are a 3 class series. We focus on natural childbirth and allowing your body to progress the way it is intended. As midwives we teach how the woman’s body is made for pregnancy and childbirth, rarely allowing for any complications when allowed to progress naturally. The course allows you to see birth as a rite of passage that should be embraced and welcomed, not a painful experience to fear. We believe it is incredibly important for women and their partners to be educated about the process of labor & birth so they can enter with confidence.

1st Class – Our first class focuses on the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth. This includes how women’s bodies are made and how they work throughout the labor process. The babies are not forgotten when we teach of labor and delivery, as they are working just as hard in there to succeed at this huge task! Coping mechanisms during contractions are also taught, including visualization techniques and breathing.

2nd Class – The second class teaches about nutrition, exercise and possible complications that may arise. This is also the time we address any fears you may have of childbirth so you can release them before birth time. During this class we will also go over myths of childbirth, breathing techniques and pushing techniques. We also discuss what to expect when labor begins, whether you chose a homebirth, birth center, or hospital birth, we touch on what to expect at each.

3rd Class – The third and final class we will teach about breastfeeding basics, newborn care including bathing, caring for the umbical cord, changing diapers, etc.

Classes: $100 

Online Childbirth class

We now have our series online! If you are unable to attend a group setting please check out Midwife 101, our complete series online, from the comfort of your home. This series is available to you for 12 months.
The series is brought to you by Licensed Midwife Gelena, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant Sandra, and Nutritionist Elizabeth.


Birthing From Within

Led by Birthing From Within Mentor, Dawna Insua. Dawna is a certified doula, childbirth educator, midwife assistant and reiki practitioner. This intensive 4 class series (2.5hrs, 4 consecutive Sundays) is a comprehensive approach that prepares a mother and her partner to birth in strength and awareness, whatever path the birth takes.

In a safe environment you will learn:

-A variety of skills to prepare you to cope with the intensity of childbirth, and the movements of labor along with practical and intimate ways for partners to support laboring mothers and how to process the journey for themselves

-The stages of labor, including the holistic stages of labor and hormones in pregnancy, labor and childbirth

-How to tame or eliminate possible fears of labor, birth and parenting

-The importance of labor support, creating and protecting your birth space

-Movement and positioning during pregnancy and labor, introduction to prenatal yoga and partner yoga exercises

-Medical interventions – when? why? why not?

-Effective communication with your healthcare provider

-The incredible first hour of life, newborn care, immediate postpartum transitioning for baby, mom and partners.

Couples will leave the classes with new confidence and a deeper connection to one other, their baby, and their birth.

$250 per couple 


(contact us for the next series)

Babywearing Classes

Come and join in on the adventurous movement of babywearing and allow yourself to take your baby wear no stroller has gone before! Babywearing is the ancient practice of wearing (or carrying) a baby in a sling, wrap, or in other form. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world. It has recently gained additional popularity due to the influence of advocates of natural and attachment parenting. Babywearing has many benefits, both physical and emotional, for the baby and the babywearer.
–If you are an expecting or new mom and want to explore your babywearing options join me in the beginners series.

-If you have your basic wrap skills down and want to get more serious and fancy join me through the advanced series.

Natural Baby Boutique

Natural BirthWorks loves everything Natural! We have teamed up with a few Moms and Families in the community to provide an array of natural products for you. Our boutique will offer:

Cloth Diapers,
Herbal Baths,
Herbal Pads,
Teething necklaces,
Essential oils,
Sugar and Oats Vegan Soaps
and more…

Welcome to Sugar and Oats where for years we’ve manufactured handcrafted vegan, chemical free, synthetic fragrance free and cruelty free soaps for you and your entire family. We have the pleasure of manufacturing my skin care line from naturally occurring resources from the earth and organic products. Years ago, we started looking on the labels on the foods we consume and even the soaps and creams we put on my little ones. Skin being the largest organ on the human body and it’s absorption capabilities, we took notice of all the chemicals and toxins we were using daily and absorbing into our skin! We decided this had to change. Sugar and Oats develops recipes from scratch using the simple assortment of natural and organic healthy ingredients. At Sugar and Oats we stride to provide you with most superior products for your skin!

Placenta Encapsulation

placenta pills

Placenta Encapsulation

Full Placenta Encapsulation
This service includes a prenatal phone consult, picking up your placenta, encapsulation, informational packet, and delivery of placenta capsules. You can expect to recieve between 100-300 capsules from your placenta. Learn more about the benefits of placenta encapsulation.
Pricing – $200 (depending on location, price varies)

Placenta Smoothie

Choice of fruit and dairy/vegan
Having a fruit smoothie with a bit of raw placenta added gives the mom a great energy boost, satifies post-birth thirst and hunger while providing the immediate effects of the placenta. A great starter while you are waiting for your capsules to arrive.
Pricing – $30

Placenta Tincture

Great, long-term energy boost
Have a part of your placenta tinctured to consume postpartum is a great long term energy boost. Tinctures last for years and years, retaining its potentcy for menopause use. Great lasting use of your placenta after your pills are finished.
Pricing – $35

Benefits of your placenta

May deter the onset of postpartum depression
Can contribute to an increase of mothers blood levels of a hormone known as CRH, a known stress reducer
Balances hormones
Increases energy
May help to recover more quickly from birth
Can also bring the body back into balance
May shorten postpartum bleeding
Assist the uterus to return to size
Often known as “happy pills”
May be helpful during menopause
Perfectly made for you!